Queensbury station parade and Cumberland Road bridge, London, c1935

An early view looking through the railway bridge over Cumberland Road at Queensbury in NW London, looking across the Station Parade – probably taken just after the station opened in 1934. The line, the Stanmore Branch of the Metropolitan Railway, had been constructed across empty Middlesex fields and opened in 1932 – a speculative line to encourage suburban development. That was successful as can be seen by the Laing’s the builders office and signs. In 1933 the ‘Met’ became part of London Transport, and in 1939 the branch was transferred to form one of the northern branches of the Bakerloo line. This in turn, in 1979, became the northern branch of the Jubilee. Queensbury station itself opened two years after the other stations of the branch and so is far more "London Transport" than the other "Met" stations on the branch – this can be seen by the fine Underground roundel on the bridge as well as the combined flag pole roundel and shelter in the middle of the Parade. Add to that the fine street lighting – electric ‘dickie-bow’ lamps on cast iron standards with a ‘harp’ fitting outside the station entrance that is to the left in the background, unseen around the corner.
via http://flic.kr/p/qLkzeg

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