Deconstructed {20/52 ‘Construction’}

The theme this week is ‘Construction’.

Took this in the one room in my house that hasn’t been upgraded since we bought the place. I hate this bathroom. It has a green tub and toilet, a yellow sink and yellow tiled walls. It’s ugly, and has been slowly falling apart, which is why the walls are covered in plastic. The good thing is, if there were ever a murder in there it would be easy to clean. Sometimes you need to look at the good side of things. lol

Usually I’m good with taking on home projects, but this one scares me. I can’t do plumbing. Soooo…. it’s gonna look like this for a while. I’ll ignore it like I do with most of my problems. 😀

Unrelated but sort of related…

Looking at this photo made me think about how I tear myself apart and my own insecurities. If you care to know more (and you know you do…lol), you can read the BLOG POST.

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Here’s a rant! When I look at all those links above on my PC, they are nice and neat. But on my iPhone they are a jumbled mess of shit. Hopefully they look all nice and normal for you all. Not sure how to fix it otherwise. Okay, guess that was more of an annoyance, not so much a rant. :p

I’ll shut up now. Maybe. It’s your fault for still reading. Go! :p



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